Stories can re imagine the way we live, challenge stereotypes, pass down wisdom, inspire life and upset the roots of inequality


Our purpose is to search and collect stories from all over the world to hold, share and transmit them for present and future generations. Our mission is to create a broader awareness of the other by surprising a person with a story from someone, somewhere on this planet. And meet somebody that otherwise probably would not be met.

A Global Storytellers Initiative

The idea for a Cup of Stories is to make the global, local – to take a daily ritual that is practiced around the world and access that space with a story. This is one of the initiatives of Global Storytellers. Stories or extracts are transferred to ceramic cups, printed inside paper bio-cups, on a sleeve or on a napkin. The aim is to have a reader feel the closeness of the storyteller and overcome prejudice – to meet a friend – another human being – inside a cup of coffee.

The Dream

The Global Storytellers dream is to create a social enterprise that focuses on creating global and local story impact and doing so in a sustainable and circular way. To give a stage to unknown and known storytellers since we believe that this planet gives space to 7 billion storytellers of which the greater part will never be listened to. We aim to change this.