The Global

is a celebration and reinvigoration of the art of storytelling. It is an idea for freedom of access and participation, where storytellers around the world can come together to share this passion and spread this intimacy.

With The Global Storytellers platform we want to gather together a global community of storytellers who will use modern technology, but with a desire to intimately connect to another human through sharing their lives, their histories or their truths with the world. Sharing in vulnerability, breaking down perceptions, and by letting go of response and, more importantly, judgment. Together we will bring about a positive disruption in the way we ‘connect’, and our perception of the other.

We are immersed in a sea of visual media and digital forms of communication. We feel we’re in an incredibly important period of human history where technology, media and culture—all these different infrastructures that produce meaning—are actually shaping the way we live, how we document our history, the way we govern ourselves, how we work, how we play and how we interact and connect with each other. The centrality of digital technologies in the 21st century is really changing the basic dynamics of human engagement.