Cup of Stories

Our lives

as storytellers are filled with interesting connections with beautiful people. The idea for a Cup of Stories – is to take a daily ritual that is practiced around the world and access that space with a story.

By ordering a cup of stories, you order your coffee, tea or juice, and receive a global story inside the cup; a small story from someone, somewhere on this globe. This is the new age version of a “message in a bottle.” It will hold the same delight, surprise, joy and intimacy like finding a bottle on a beach and reading a message that is deeply personal.  The aim is to have a reader feel the closeness of the storyteller, to meet a friend – a family member – another human being – inside a cup of coffee.

A Cup of Story

My granddad died some years ago. My dad’s dad. He used to tell me I was his favourite. Some years ago his health deteriorated quite badly. I visited him now and again. He’d lost so much weight. I should have said, my granddad was a big man. The last time I saw him, I remember, I was there with my dad and my aunt. He was a bit of a grumpy man. When we went to leave and said bye, we walked out but I’d forgotten my scarf. So I ran back in, got a grumpy remark from my Opa, picked up the scarf and I hesitated. I’d wanted to give him a kiss or a hug, I remember. But I didn’t. Even in the car I was still hesitating, still wanting too, but we drove off. We drove off. Only, days later he died. I still feel the feeling I had of pause, of hesitation after I grabbed my scarf. I still can’t accept the why I didn’t, just, act, because I knew. I knew it was the last time.

My granddad carried a big beard, for as long as I can remember. My grandmother had always hated the beard. But he never shaved it. My grandmother died ten years before he did. When he died, in his bed, he was without beard. He had shaved all of it off before he had gone to sleep.