Story of Water

The Global
Story of Water

is a film made by a global network of storytellers from diverse backgrounds and countries, capturing a diversity of visual stories on water in one film. Through the film, a real connection is created that bypasses boundaries, borders and backgrounds.

This experiment is more than a film, it will be a ‘piece of art’ created by 20 different artists around the world, with 20 different perspectives, life experiences, stories, that at the same time are connected by a common denominator. I have a strong drive to create a film with a non-biased, diverse and deeply nuanced narrative that is not constructed or managed by the agenda of those funding it. The way this documentary is made is part of an ethos of freedom of participation and giving voice.

The Global Story of Water was taken up as an experimental pilot project based on a passion of the initiators, that films could be created in different countries but packaged together to tell a global story.

The making of this film in itself redefines the way in which films are made. It provides a loose, non-prescriptive group of global filmmakers to work collectively towards a greater story. For these filmmakers to be part of a process that gives a snap view into cultures, stories and human engagement around one topic. In this way the diversity of experiences is not lost but the unification of the process is maintained.

The film will be a “visual quilt” on Water. This quilt will be made of many different small pieces of cinematic cloth. The value of the quilt is to trust the filmmakers’ eye and their storytelling quality, by not directing the film from one viewpoint but by going with the flow and essence of each individual story.