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Our purpose is to search and collect stories from all over the world to hold, share and transmit them for present and future generations. Our mission is to create a broader awareness of the other by surprising a person with a story from someone, somewhere on this planet. And meet somebody that otherwise probably would not be met.

“Stories are the communal currency of humanity.”

~ Tahir Shah

Our company is built on curiosity and on love for the people of this world. We believe stories surround us in our everyday lives. We put all our efforts into creating awareness around the power of stories and we aim to connect strangers around the globe through the simple act of storytelling.

All along the roads we walk, the alleyways we discover and the beaches we traverse, we seek the heart of storytelling. And during our quest for inspiring stories from all over the globe, slowly but surely, we build up the narrative that defines mankind. A Global Story.

“Go out and let stories happen to you!”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

All stories in our cups and on our website are stories with an “I” (first-person stories). Written from the inside of a human being. The stories come from known and unknown storytellers and their humanity. 

Get in touch: info@globalstorytellers.global


Barbara van den Bogaard

I'm the founder of Global Storytellers. It grew inside me, the idea to give voice to people all over the world. As a filmmaker and storyteller I came across so many stories that enriched me as a person that I started thinking of ways to bring stories back into our daily lives. And then one cold winter evening in December the image of a cup with a story inside just came to me. And it stayed with me ever since so I decided to make it real.

Gerbert Toes

I am the co-founder of Global Storytellers. We started our Global Storytellers adventure with a group of beautiful people. Two years ago Barbara came with the idea of Cup of Stories. A beautiful concept that we bring into the world cup by cup, story by story. We meet beautiful storytellers along the way. It is a wonderful journey.

Sivan Ravivo

I remember one of the first illustrations I was asked to draw, to capture a glimpse of the story of Malika. Many intriguing stories followed. Some I will carry with me forever. I love that slowly slowly the words appear and the illustration on the bottom of the cup makes you linger in the story a bit more...

Chris Karthaus

I am involved in Global Storytellers as a designer. The cup of stories project is fun to work on because it is challenging in many ways. It is product design, graphic design and interaction design all combined into one. I love the concept of having a story slowly reveal itself whilst enjoying a cup of coffee!

Stella Boumans

As a little girl I was always writing and reading stories. It was part of my everyday life. And it still is. For me it is so amazing that with Global Storytellers we make sure stories really become a part of the daily routine. Working together in a small group with creative people, is amazing. I learn a lot from them and I get to work with something I believe in... Storytelling!

Nawaal Deane

I'm the South African ambassador of the Global Storytellers. Stories have magic. They are able to cut through differences, skin colour, language barriers and feel a glimpse into the human being that is telling the story. Many years ago I connected with Barbara and she shared with me her idea of a cup of stories. Today we create beautiful spaces to share stories and make cups in different parts of the world but together in spirit.

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