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Sebastian Steveniers

Sebastian Steveniers, is a 39-year-old documentary photographer from Antwerp, Belgium, who works as a photojournalist for Belgian newspaper De Standaard, shooting portraits and stories on a daily basis. He also works on several long-term documentary projects. “I started photography at a late age because I have a history as a professional basketball player. I decided

Tessa Alexander

Tessa Alexander is an artist and art educator from Trinidad. Tessa’s happy space is to be in nature, such as a waterfall or beach. You can see this love for nature in her magnificent artwork in Storybook. She primarily works in watercolor and seeks to push the limits of the medium as the fluidity, colour,

Tiina Itkonen

Tiina Itkonen lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from Turku School of Art and Communication (renamed the Arts Academy of Turku) in 1995 and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (renamed Aalto University) in 2002. Since 1995 Itkonen has travelled regularly to Greenland to photograph the polar landscape and its people. She

Jimena Murabito

Jimena Murabito’s art is most of the time autobiographical work, that of confessions translating fragments of her life and experiences into various artistic works ranging from photography, collages, and poems. Jimena was born in Buenos Aires, she shares most of her time in Miami, NYC, and London.  The most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? My

Isabel Rottiers

Isabel Rottiers specialised in architectural and interior photography, yet it is not so much this expertise that makes her work special. It goes without saying that she has a subtle sense of space, depth and design, but it is rather this psychological undertone that makes her work so fascinating. In the series of portraits she

Alicia Cook

Alicia Cook is a U.S.-based best-selling poet and award-winning activist from New Jersey. She is the author behind 2016’s bestselling book of poetry Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately, 2018’s I Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip, and 2020’s Sorry I Haven’t Texted You Back. Cook dedicates much of her life to shedding light on how drug

Asen Andonov

“I am Asen and I come from Bulgaria but live in the Netherlands. I am now following my dream to become an opera singer but also an amazing husband as I have recently got married to my fantastic wife.” Asen is originally graduated as a research master in Linguistics working with endangered languages but he

Nadia Bseiso

Nadia Bseiso is a Jordanian documentary photographer based in Amman, Jordan. “I’m always led by my own curiousity and that keeps on changing. I do not have one favorite place.I do know that when I research for my projects and find small details or references written by historians or ancient travelers in our region, I’m

Encounter: Michal Iwanowsky

~ by Barbara van den Bogaard I meet Michal in 2020 while working for BredaPhoto, a large international photo festival in Breda. As a filmmaker and interviewer I connect to many of the artists that are curated by the curators of the festival. In 2020 Michal is one of them. His work called ‘Go home,

Encounter: Annegien van Doorn

~ by Barbara van den Bogaard ‘I’m a visual artist, but at birthday parties and on official documents I call myself a photographer.’ Annegien van Doorn is a Dutch photographer or Visual Artist when you meet her outside of birthday parties. I speak with her on a sunny day in April. She just published her new work

Renata Mendes

We asked her: what’s your dream for this world? “I want to see a world that all adolescent have the same opportunities and choices in life.” A beautiful dream that we are happy to join. But for Renata, this is more than a dream. It seems to be her goal in life. All of her

Lee Revivo

Lee Revivo-Messer (31) is a singer, vocal coach, writer and former tour guide.She grew up in a small town at the Judaean desert near the Dead Sea in Israel. Being so close to nature all her life and living in such a cultural and religion diverse country inspires her art, music and stories.After a few

Xiaoxiao Xu

Xiaoxiao Xu moved from China to The Netherlands in 1999 when she was a teenager.In 2009 she cum laude graduated from the Photo Academy of Amsterdam. Since then she worked on her own projects, balancing in-between documentary and autonomous work. “My name is Xiaoxiao Xu, and I am a photographer.“ She wants to tell stories

Encounter: Reinout van den Bergh

~ by Barbara van den Bogaard It is not easy to say when Reinout and me first met. We live in the same city and we both work in the creative field. We encountered eachother probably many times before we truly met. So what do I mean with truly met. There was a moment I


~ by Barbara van den Bogaard I meet Rachel via ZOOM. She is in a coffeebar somewhere in London. Our digital connection is stammering but our personal connection is there from the start. Rachel has been a designer and design manager in the commercial fashion industry for over 20 years. She has been working within sustainability