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My mothers cloak

A few months ago, I discovered; there is a part of my mothers’ legacy I didn’t know existed.I called my sisters and aunts in Morocco and France, and they told me where I had to go to find it. Turns out: it wasn’t in Morocco, where my mother was born, or The Netherlands where she

A space to be human

Two days before the matric farewell ball, I was stabbed in my head. It put me into a coma for 3 days. When I woke up, I did not know my family and I did not recognise anybody besides my one brother. I did not even recognise my friends, I knew nobody. I was so


“You wanna cuppa kawfee kid?” My father asked in his ripped mighty tighty whities. One ball always threatened to fall out of the stretched elastic. He knew I didn’t want his ugly cup of instant, heated in the microwave every Brooklyn morning. Nor did I want the borscht and sour cream he’d offer every night. Nor