Robin Cruise

“Hi everyone, my name is Robin Cruise and I am a visual artist from Hamburg, Germany.”“I love nature, our natural environment and animals more than anything and engage with it everyday in and through my art. I want to give a positive counterpart to the negative developments and problems caused by climate change and environmental

Malika Ouacha

“As an anthropologist, I combine my expertise in both lecturing and research. I lecture at the School of Social Work at Windesheim University. As a PhD researcher at the Rotterdam School of Management, I do research on cross-border diasporic philanthropy. I spend my spare time dancing ballet, reading, cooking and running.” What is your dream

Sheila Prevost

Meet this amazing woman. She is a major brands lead creative director, award-winning international artist; filmmaker, and music composer. Sheila Prevost is a multi-disciplined award-winning artist whose works have been exhibited and published globally: NYC, Cincinnati, Connecticut, NJ, Jamaica, Tokyo, London, Paris, Johannesburg, Sydney, Philippines, and numerously throughout South Korea. In 2022, Rockefeller Center, The

Chip Prevost

“I’ve been drawing since childhood, starting even before art school. During art school, I focused on fashion illustration, where I developed my passion for creating portraits. After school, I desired more artistic freedom and just wanted to create what grabbed my attention in my own time and at my own pace. I gradually shifted my


“I am a storyteller and actor from Iran. Nasim is not my real name, but the one I chose to be able to tell my stories. I like that in Iran the name is used for both men and women. My migration gave me an unique perspective on the different lives we live. From cultural

Heather Clewett

Heather Clewett earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from California State University, Chico before moving to Silicon Valley where she began her first career in the semi conductor industry. Within a short time, she co-founded a Telecommunications Test Equipment company. At the turn of the new millennium, Heather’s life took

Reinout van den Bergh

“Since 1982 I have been established as photographer and audiovisual designer. Ever since, my art work has been exhibited in various museums in Eastern and Western Europe and Africa and published in various books and publications.“ Reinout van den Bergh (Wageningen, the Netherlands,1957) studied photography and audiovisual design at St. Joost School of Fine Art and

Hanna Flachs

Hanna Flachs (earthartlab) is a German illustrator and artist. She works in digital art, mixed media and painting. Her main focus lies on the spiritual connection with oneself and the interdependence of all beings with nature. Most of her pieces are connected with themes such as mindfulness, self-love, climate activism and feminism. What is your

Victor Ochen

Victor Ochen is the Founder and Executive Director for African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET). Born in northern Uganda, he spent 21 years of his childhood as a refugee in the camps, where he survived on one meal-a-day for over 7 years. He grew up amidst violent conflict that displaced over 3 million people, where 60,000+

Michal Iwanowsky

Michal Iwanowski is a visual artist and lecturer based in Wales, UK. Michal Iwanowski is a visual artist and lecturer based in Wales, UK. He holds an MFA in Documentary Photography (University of South Wales), with an extensive track record of international exhibitions and publications. His work has been acquired for permanent collection by the

Rachel Sheila Kan

My name is Rachel Sheila Kan, I am a sustainable fashion consultant from the inner industry and creator of The Ecosystem Incubator – fashion in living systems, where we come together for collaborative action in business.  We work as a collaborative to build together rather than in separation and use regenerative structuring to facilitate joint

Ez Silva

Ez Silva (1985) is a Rotterdam-based contemporary artist. She is fascinated with the female form and explores the many facets of femininity. Silva’s artwork is a representation of the feminine; female strength and emotional versatility. She depicts sensual and strong women, viewed from the side in an Art Nouveau / Art Deco inspired style that

Jonathan Groubert

You can call Jonathan: ‘The Audio All-Rounder’. Jonathan is an award-winning international journalist, trainer and was one of Europe’s first podcasters. These days he makes branded podcasts for the likes of BNR Nieuwsradio and KLM. He teaches  journalism at the Radio Netherlands Training Centre and at the University of Groningen. Next to that, Jonathan is an award-winning

Melanie Scholtz

Melanie Scholtz is a South African born , multi award winning jazz singer , composer , activist and visual artist. Melanie has released five successful solo albums and has been a featured artist and guest songwriter on many albums nationally and internationally.  A professional musician for over 20 years , her most recent performances include

Karim Adduchi

At five years old Karim Adduchi migrated with his family from Morocco to Spain. Lost in translation, he stopped speaking, and only expressed himself in drawings. Now, Adduchi is an artist and fashion designer. He co-founded The World Makers Foundation to support migrant and refugee artisans. Karim Adduchi is an illustrator and fashion designer who