Storytelling workshop


The aim

We create storytelling workshops within companies with the purpose to bring out the storyteller in everybody and to bring out the listener in everybody. Organizations are in this world for a reason. They solve a problem or fill in needs. And in these organizations are people at work and they are so much more than the task they fulfill.

When we invite people to open up their own storytelling capacities, we notice that most of the time they themselves and the others around them are surprised, touched and opened. We use storytelling to build connections between people, encourage understanding and a broader perspective of the other by an opening of the heart.

The workshop

First part: 3 hours
We start the course with examples and theory. But we soon move on to create stories ourselves. By means of short assignments, the participants get to know themselves and the other participants in a different way. You soon become aware of your specific way of telling stories. We end this workshop day by asking the participants to write a personal story. And if you want to, you may share your story with the group.

Second part: 3 hours – 2 weeks later –
In this second part of the workshop, we start by listening to the written stories. We know from experience that the participants will learn a lot this day. Not only about each other, but also about the different ways of storytelling and listening. And we bring connection between personal stories and the stories that are valuable in your working environment. We conclude with practical tips and tricks for continuing storytelling in the organisation.

Refreshing workshop – optionally –
We often return to the organisations we work for, to refresh the storytelling and listening skills and to let new people in on the principles and the value of storytelling.


“What this workshop has brought us is so much more than just knowledge and skills. Of course we got to work with writing and storytelling, but above all with just listening. And it was this listening that made it a kind of teambuilding activity at the same time. During the workshop, but especially after, we were much more open to each other’s stories. In just a few hours, colleagues opened up to each other and personal and remarkable stories were shared.

After the workshop it was immediately noticeable that we looked at each other in a different way. People weren’t just the sports advisor anymore, we had different conversations with each other. In addition, the stories from the field reached me as a communications advisor much more quickly. Why? Because everyone is a storyteller and almost everyone recognized the storyteller in themselves. Thanks to the workshop, gathering and telling stories no longer felt like an extra task.” By Stella – communications advisor MOOIWERK

More information & contact

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