Marcos Beccari

Marcos Beccari

May 10, 2022

Marcos Beccari is artist, philosopher and professor at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), lecturing in the Graphic Design Course. What motivates him artistically is to translate life through watercolor, trying to attribute fluidity and spontaneity to the representation of the human figure.⁠

Through Instagram, his paintings gained worldwide notoriety, especially for their technical realism and vibrant use of color. With a Baroque and Impressionist influence, Marcos Beccari is considered today one of the exponents of the renovation of watercolor painting (according to the L’Art de l’Aquarelle magazine). He currently lives in Curitiba, Brazil, but has been teaching workshops in Europe and the US, in addition to providing mentorship through Patreon.

He is a very talented artists, but he knows he has a useless talent as-well:

“I have few talents, and certainly the most useless one is to make perfect “curls” with my eyebrows. I also do something similar with my fingers, but this is a little handy for painting and relaxing. As for the eyebrows, it does nothing but make others laugh (my daughter loves to see that). And I also think that was the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done, because nobody ever taught me how to do it, one day I just tried and I got it.” ⁠

Want to see more of Marcos work?
> Instagram: @marcosbeccari
> Website: or


Marcos Beccari

Watercolor artist, philosopher and professor at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR).

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