Cooperation with The WorldMakers

April 24, 2021

We love to cooperate with inspiring organisations. Meet the WorldMakers & Karim Adduchi!

At five years old Karim Adduchi migrated with his family from Morocco to Spain. Lost in translation, he stopped speaking, and only expressed himself in drawings. Now, Adduchi is an artist and fashion designer. He co-founded The World Makers Foundation to support migrant and refugee artisans.

In 2020 he initiated the Social Distancing Fabric, a collaborative embroidery project at a distance, sending out hand-drawn faces on fabric. An artistโ€™s way of providing support.

Hundreds of participants returned finished embroideries, but also stories of their stitching during lockdown.

The cups are a keepsake of this unique collaboration, to remind us of connection, kindness and resilience. Each cup has a story of a participant, and one of Adduchiโ€™s illustrations. Only Adduchiโ€™s cup doesnโ€™t contain words, because sometimes art speaks louder than words.

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