September 26, 2022

Saturday September 24 saw the release party of Storybook. It was a wonderful evening in which we welcomed more than 85 people. We celebrated the unveiling of Storybook and the connection we feel with each other, even though we are from different parts of the world. Would you like to take a trip too? Then buy your own Storybook now!

Storybook Release Party

During the release party, not only friends, family, supporters but also artists featured in the book were there! After a short opening by Gerbert, Barbara entered into conversations with the storytellers, photographers and artists. The evening was beautifully musically accompanied by Erik Sjøholm, Singer/Songwriter, Storyteller and member of the Global Storytellers family. The launch was a great success and the Storybook and programme were enthusiastically received!

Get your Storybook

Did you buy a book during the crowdfunding but couldn’t be there on Saturday? Then get in touch by emailing

If you haven’t bought a book yet, you can order your book NOW! It’ s a great gift for someone else or for yourself!


Dear travellers…

All artists in the Storybook will receive 2 books from us. We want to deliver these as ecologically as possible. That’s why we prefer the books to travel with someone. Are you (or anyone else) taking a trip from The Netherlands to one of these destinations and do you have some space left in your luggage…. please let us know! You can send an e-mail to:

  • Brasil, Curitiba/PR
  • Brasil, Sao Paolo
  • Finland
  • Jordan, Amman
  • Trinidad, Diego Martin
  • Uganda, Lira