Hide and Seek by Rasheda

large latte/tea cup


Story inside this cup

Hide and Seek by Rasheda

Back in 1969, I was picking flowers, catching butterflies, fishing for tadpoles and attempting gymnastics on trees. These are some of my childhood memories that gave me endless moments of glee. Basking in Mother Nature’s love delighted me. Reading Enid Blyton books and sketching at every opportunity were my other favourite pastimes. Daydreaming and imagining a fictional world enthralled me. Of course, I had my naughty sprees, like stealing my Mom’s Milo. Oh what a pleasure it was to hide and eat it secretly. I am wracked in mirth as I unplug some hilarious childhood antics. I wished for long hair like ‘Rapunzel but my siblings preferred ‘Cleopatra’. Escaping their hair cutting attempts proved tricky. I was always hauled out of my hiding places while I ranted and raved to no avail. During a game of hide and seek, my friends failed to find me. Out of sheer boredom I doodled on the inside of the wardrobe I hid in. When my friends Dad discovered me later that evening, I feared the worst punishment. Instead, I was hugged then praised for my accidental work of art and even awarded with a blank sketchbook. What a relief! What a surprise!  

Story by: Rasheda Ebrahim
Illustration by: Studio Ravivo
Dimensions: H 10 cm x ø 9 cm
Color: Grey