Travel the world and meet stories of others while bringing your own


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Storybook is a book of story inspiration from 30 artists around the world. These written and visual stories will be interspersed with blank pages so that you can write or visualise your own stories, reflections or thoughts.  
Because of the beautiful photos and artwork, you could think of the book as a Coffee Table book. Because of the inspiring stories, you might see it as a book for reading. But it is even more than a combination of both. Storybook is a book in which you take a journey through the world, meet stories ánd their storytellers, and at the same time meet yourself. There is enough creative space to write down or draw your own story.


“By making this book we discover that there are many people on this earth working on beautiful and meaningful projects. That gives me so much pleasure and hope.”
~ Barbara, Founder Global Storytellers

© 2022 Global Storytellers

Amount of pages: 200
Appearance: paperback
Paper: Biotop 120 gsm
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-832742-0-1

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Initiated by: Barbara van den Bogaard, Gerbert Toes, Sivan Ravivo & Stella Boumans
Design: Stella Boumans & Sivan Ravivo
Editing: Barbara van den Bogaard, Nawaal Deane & Marion Oprel

Meet all the artists in our book.
Stories, Pictures and Artwork:

Tessa Alexander
Tiina Itkonen
Renata Mendes
Sebastian Steveniers
Karim Adduchi
Melanie Scholtz
Lee Revivo
Marcos Beccari
Jonathan Groubert
Ez Silva
Rachel Sheila Kan
Annegien van Doorn
Michal Iwanowski
Asen Andonov
Wiesje Peels & Trijntje Keijser
Victor Ochen
Xiaoxiao Xu
Hanna Flachs
Reinout van den Bergh
Heather Clewett
Nadia Bseiso
Isabel Rottiers
Chip Prevost
Elaine Favero
Jimena Murabito
Sheila Prevost
Malika Ouacha
Robin Cruise
Alicia Cook