We are in a very exiting process of making ’Storybook’, a book with blank pages to write stories in yourself, and that is also filled with story inspiration and visual inspiration from a variety of artists. From 15 May to 15 June, we will be organising a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our book. We hope you will become part of our community and support us!

What is Storybook?
With Storybook, you travel the world and meet stories of others while bringing your own. It will be a book of story inspiration from 30 artists around the world. These written and visual stories will be interspersed with blank pages so that you can write or visualise your own stories, reflections or thoughts.  Are you ready to meet 30 artists and their personal stories? And discover yourself and your own stories? Then help us bring Storybook to the world.
"By making this book we discover that there are many people on this earth working on beautiful and meaningful projects. That gives me so much pleasure and hope."
~ Barbara, Founder Global Storytellers
Why support us with the crowdfunding?
As well as helping us with Storybook's printing costs, you'll be funding the 30 artists and stories from around the world. How wonderful to have your own physical museum at home and take a trip around the world as you browse. Your creativity will be sparked and Storybook will give you the space to capture your own journey.
Launch: BredaPhoto
In Storybook you will find not only illustrators and storytellers, but also photographers. These photographers have all exhibited at the international photo festival BredaPhoto. Through our collaboration with this festival, we have been able to approach 10 amazing photographers who have been given a place in Storybook.
BredaPhoto takes place from September 8 through October 23, 2022. During this festival, we will also launch Storybook and organize a festive pick-up event.

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