Cup of Stories

Cup of Stories is one of the initiatives of Global Storytellers. Stories or extracts are transferred into ceramic cups. The aim is to have a reader feel the closeness of the storyteller and overcome prejudice – to meet a friend – another human being – inside a cup of coffee or tea.

Cup of Stories is an artistic product where three artists come together in creation. The ceramic artist creating each cup by hand, the storyteller that tells the story, and the illustrator that draws an impression of the story.

Behind the scenes we are working on a new series of Cup of Stories. For that reason, the cups are temporarily not available. We still can provide Cup of Stories as part of our Storytelling Workshops, as business gifts or individually made. Please contact if you wish to know more.

“Because stories are gifts, and to give means to communicate in the best way possible.”

We see ordinary, every day products as blank pages waiting to be written on. They are the ultimate medium to hold and transfer stories from one to another. A container that can be surprising, simple or just beautiful. Our first product is Cup of Stories – a paper or ceramic cup with a story on the inside from someone, somewhere on this planet for you to stumble upon, gift to someone or drink from in your neighbourhood café. 

“Listen to the silence, it has so much to say.”

~ Rumi

Coffeebars are places where friendships are born and restored

Where unexpected encounters lead to great ideas and where coffee is the oil that fuels human interaction. A story in a cup would add to this fuel. This is the thought that was shared with us by barista’s in The Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom and South Africa. They embraced Cup of Stories immediately.

The idea for a Cup of Stories is to make the global, local – to take a daily ritual that is practiced around the world and access that space with a story inside your cup of coffee or tea.

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