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Global Storytellers’ purpose is to collect, share and hold personal stories from people on this planet for present and future generations. We believe that stories can re-imagine the way we live, challenge stereotypes, pass down wisdom, inspire life and upset the roots of inequality.

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About Cup of Stories

Cup of Stories is an art-work and one of the initiatives of Global Storytellers. Stories or extracts of stories, life fragments, are transferred into ceramic cups. The cup being a vessel that helps navigate the story into our world. The cup made of clay and baked with fire into a keepsake for the stories that we hold dear. And by drinking our morning coffee or tea from this cup, our stories will be revealed to us and to whomever is holding it, one sip at the time. The aim is to have a reader feel the closeness of the storyteller and overcome prejudice โ€“ to meet a friend โ€“ another human being โ€“ inside a cup of coffee or tea.

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Bekers in de oven van bovenaf

Storytelling Workshops

We use our storytelling and story-collecting talent also with individuals, in groups, teams and organizations that wish to reveal, collect, re-tell and hold the stories that are important to them and the world around them. Finding our stories is a tool to communicate what we wish for, what is important to us and what we dream about with the outside world. We have different workshop programs that we make available. Contact us if you wish to know more or continue reading...

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About Global Storytellers

Our purpose is to search and collect stories from all over the world to hold, share and transmit them for present and future generations. Our mission is to create a broader awareness of ourselves and each other, a deeper sense of the planet we live on and all the living creatures that are in that one beautiful home we call earth. We wish to create art-works, workshops, video series and a podcast that surprise a person with a story from someone, somewhere on this planet. And meet somebody that otherwise probably would not be met.

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