Jonathan Groubert

July 1, 2020

“You wanna cuppa kawfee kid?” My father asked in his ripped mighty tighty whities. One ball always threatened to fall out of the stretched elastic. He knew I didn’t want his ugly cup of instant, heated in the microwave every Brooklyn morning. Nor did I want the borscht and sour cream he’d offer every night. Nor the pickled herring of his forefathers that appeared in big, greasy jars in the fridge every Sunday. All gone years now. If I could, I’d take that crappy cup of kawfee, get a spoon for the borscht, and avert my eyes from the ball, just to hear his voice one more time.

~ Jonathan


Jonathan Groubert

Jonathan is a journalist, a storyteller and he is a maker of awesome podcasts. Jonathan is part of the Global Storytellers collective and he donated this small story about his father that is in a cup travelling around the globe.
He also translates stories that we receive from the Dutch speaking areas in the world.
I interviewed Jonathan because he is one of the most powerful storytellers I’ve met. It was in 2012 when I was one of the founders and part of the organization of TEDxBreda when I asked Jonathan to be our host. He started this event with a story about two men that were supposed to be enemies but became friends instead. Against all odds.

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