Meet Camie: traveling storyteller & listener

September 13, 2021

A while ago we met a very special woman and we are honoured to introduce you to her: Camie Bonger. Camie is a theatre maker and actress. Because of the pandemic, she found herself without a job, but she did not agree! She started looking for a way to be busy and above all to be there for others. She came up with a fantastic idea…

Emergency call box – stories
In the past, the ‘praatpalen’ (poles) could be seen on Dutch motorways, useful to call for help after an accident or breakdown. Nowadays, these have disappeared from the street scene. But Camie has brought these talking poles back out! She is now travelling around the Netherlands with her talking pole, not only to tell her story, but also to listen to other people’s stories!

Go out and meet Camie
Camie travelled to nine neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. Before she went there, she talked to the inhabitants. She then started working with an artist from the neighbourhood. She accompanied this (starting or experienced) artist and together they offered help to the audience. This help has a number of variations: a friendly ear, a monologue, a song, a poem made especially for the moment, a piece of music or a dance.