Open call for stories, illustrations and photographs

June 8, 2021

Dear creators around the world,

We have this amazing idea for a book! And for this book we have the dream to find stories, illustrations and photographs that are dedicated to the connection between living beings on our beautiful planet. We have the wish to create a Storybook in which we give room to stories and images that focus on what connects us rather than what drives us apart.
So, if you are someone or know someone that creates stories, illustrations or photography in love for all that lives, please make a connection and maybe that someone will be part of this beautiful project called Storybook. Contact via:

We wish you a beautiful day and hope to hear from you,
The Global Storytellers-team

Stories can re-imagine the way we live, challenge stereotypes, 
pass down wisdom, inspire life and upset the roots of inequality.

We crave for stories. It is the story of love, of happiness, of a miraculous encounter that changed our day or our perspective. Those stories uplift us, make us feel alive, bring light. And we cannot tell you how much we love the light. It might be the light on a sunny day, it might be the light of a candle, lid on a dark cold evening, it might be the light in someone’s eyes when they see us. We simply love the light. And this is where we want to contribute. And we do that in many ways. 

The story that we tell ourselves and each other matters. It can make all the difference in the world. If we continue to tell each other that in essence every human being has a dark side to him- or herself, this is what we see because we give that our focus. It is Global Storytellers wish to bring focus to the other stories that we not easily find in the media these days but that do reside in all of us.

Global Storytellers is an online and offline community where diverse and passionate human beings around the world share and tell stories. For the stories in our community to travel, we create a variety of products. If you check our Instagram or webshop you will find Cup of Stories and our Storycards and hopefully in the near future you will find our Storybook there. And you may be part of it! 
So, if you feel touched by what we do and you are a creator please send us your work via an email to Barbara

Barbara is one of the founders of the Global Storytellers Community. She will be so delighted to see and read what lives inside all of you! 

To illustrate where she comes from, we have to go back in time a few years. The story that she shared within the community and with the world illustrates how much she wishes for the boundaries between us to diminish. How she wishes for them to fly into the sky like sweet pink balloons…  

Borders or Balloons ~ by Barbara

At school, I was taught the world had all these lines. Through these lines, I learned which country is which. Then, one day, when I was 8, an astronaut on TV showed us a view of the world from his space shuttle. I couldn’t see lines anywhere! This changed the way I saw the world forever. It was quite some time before I understood these lines are a construct: a system that we either agree upon or fight about. And then I learned we call these lines borders. 
Years later, I had a dream. I saw a little boy lying down on our globe. A few weeks before this dream, the boy had washed ashore a sandy beach. He’d drowned escaping a war with his parents and someone took his picture. He became an icon of modern life in a place that’s hard… In my dream, the boy sleeps peacefully upon the face of the earth. And then all the lines let go of the world and turn into little balloons that float up into the universe, an immense place where astronauts, and who else knows what, look down at us and see just a planet…with no lines at all.