Robin Cruise

Robin Cruise

September 26, 2022

“Hi everyone, my name is Robin Cruise and I am a visual artist from Hamburg, Germany.”
“I love nature, our natural environment and animals more than anything and engage with it everyday in and through my art. I want to give a positive counterpart to the negative developments and problems caused by climate change and environmental destruction. At the sight of easily comprehended and apparent beauty of colors, shapes and motifs, an awareness arises that brings a certain humility in me. My art is a process of awareness combined with great gratitude that I feel from life.”

What’s your dream for this world?
My vision: “I want to establish the standard in the world that more mindfulness is lived with a focus on animals and nature.”

Who inspired you? Who is very important to you?
My friends and family are very important to me because I share beautiful moments with them and I spend a lot of time in nature. These trips and excursions, also visits to animal parks inspire me over and over again and many of my impressions I incorporate into my artworks.

What is your happy space / your favorite place on this earth?
My absolute dream place are endless beaches, a colorful sea in the ideal case with a pleasant breeze and lots of sun. It certainly sounds like a boring cliché, but is in fact my absolute dream place, which immediately puts me into dreaming.

What’s the most useless talent you have?
I am a good entertainer and can easily make people laugh. If I were a comedian, that talent would help me along. But so, it is just good to use at some parties.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you have done?
To fly to Madrid, Spain, to surprise my girlfriend who lived there at that time.

Do you want to see more of Robin’s beautiful work?
> Instagram: @robincruise_art
> Website:


Robin Cruise

Robin Cruise is a visual artist from Hamburg. He has been surrounded by art since he was a child and comes from a family of artists. His art shows the beauty of nature in a decelerating and special way.

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