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Her hands

“Have you ever seen hands like those before?” my grandmother said in disgust. Those hands have probably never touched a keyboard. They’ve never been behind the wheel of a car, or held lots of money. But let me tell you what they’ve done. They’ve cooked thousands of tajins, pealed countless figs and baked fresh bread

Interview with Victor Ochen “We Heal People”

I talk to Victor for the first time when I’m walking in the parc in the vicinity of my home. It is a truly surreal experience to listen to his life story and his wisdom while walking around in a life so different from his. My life that never experienced these hardships. I feel so

Interview with Johan de Meyer of Macassar pottery

“If there is no cash flow to pay somebody else to do it, well, then I better learn the skill and deal with it“ Interview by Nawaal Deane Can you tell me more about who you are?  I had a real struggle in my life to figure out what am I really good at? Because

Interview with Malika Ouacha

Interview by Barbara van den Bogaard I connected with Malika through a story that she shared online about the cloak her mother made her before she died. The story touches me because of her mothers’ loving wisdom and the wish of Malika to know more about what she left behind. The story is called “My

My mothers cloak

A few months ago, I discovered; there is a part of my mothers’ legacy I didn’t know existed.I called my sisters and aunts in Morocco and France, and they told me where I had to go to find it. Turns out: it wasn’t in Morocco, where my mother was born, or The Netherlands where she

A space to be human

Two days before the matric farewell ball, I was stabbed in my head. It put me into a coma for 3 days. When I woke up, I did not know my family and I did not recognise anybody besides my one brother. I did not even recognise my friends, I knew nobody. I was so


“You wanna cuppa kawfee kid?” My father asked in his ripped mighty tighty whities. One ball always threatened to fall out of the stretched elastic. He knew I didn’t want his ugly cup of instant, heated in the microwave every Brooklyn morning. Nor did I want the borscht and sour cream he’d offer every night. Nor

Interview with Jonathan Groubert

“My dad sort of retreated from life at an early age. I think he was a disappointed man at a certain point.” Interview by Barbara van den Bogaard Reading your story can you tell me more about your father? My dad sort of retreated from life at an early age. I think he was a